About us

Kennel Peikkovuoren is a home kennel in Central Finland. We live just outside of the city of Jyväskylä, in the countryside area called Palokka. Our family consists of Taina, Ari and our sons Miska and Veeti. Dogs are our common hobby.

Our main breed is Finnish Lapponian Dog. The very first Lappy came to the house in 1989 and ever since we have had Finnish Lapponian Dogs. The kennel name Peikkovuoren was established in 2001 and the first litter was born in 2002. Together with Finnish Lapponian Dogs, we have had Keeshonds from 2008 and American Akitas from 2010. Earlier we had also German Shepherds.

Finnish Lapponian Dog is a great dog for almost everything. Taina has taken part in many activities with her Lappies, such as obedience, skijoring, reindeer herding tests, dog shows, tracking and other working dog trials. Taina trained her first Lappy Pyry (FIN OCH Rönnäksen Pyry) to Finnish Obedience Champion and later she trained her Ressi (FIN WCH & FIN CH Lecibsin Kultakuono) to Finnish Working Champion. Ressi was the first Finnish Lapponian Dog who has ever gained the title of Working Champion. So Finnish Lapponian Dogs suit many kind of activities, depending on trainer’s preferences.

Kennel Peikkovuoren has been rewarded Vuolasvirta award by the Finnish Kennel Club in 2011 for high standard breeding. Taina is a committee member of the Lapphund Club of Finland and the Finnish American Akita Club, and also a contact person in Central Finland’s subdivision of the Lapphund Club.

One of the most glorious moments was in August 2014 when our breeder group won BOB-breeder (Peikkovuoren Vahca, Xakara and Xensaatio) at World Dog Show Helsinki over fifty entried Finnish Lapponian Dog breeders.

In 2018 kennel Peikkovuoren was rewarded the Best Breeder of the Year in Finland. A year earlier, in 2017, we were the Second Best Breeder Of The Year. The competition is annually organized by the Koiramme magazine and it counts the BIS-placements of the breeder groups at the Finnish dog shows. The competition period starts in November and ends in October. The Koiramme magazine rewards top 3 breeders in December at the Finnish Winner Dog Show.


Member of
Finnish American Akita Club
Finnish Dog Breeder Club FDBC
Finnish Keeshond Club
The Finnish Kennel Club
The Lapphund Club of Finland